Monday, March 30, 2009

Adventures in Cake Decorating

So as many of you know, if there is something that has to do with crafts decorating ect. ect. I have to try it at least once. So for awhile now I have really wanted to try making Fondant and then decorating a cake with it. Well I tried last night and am pretty happy with the outcome. Mason will be turning one on friday and I really wanted to make his cake with fondant but have never done it before so I decide I shold try it out at least once before attempting to do his. i loved it so much I cant wait to do it again. Since this one was practice I let Jarrin help pick the colors and this is what we came up with. I cant wait to do Masons and attempt a layered cake. so stay tuned for more cake pictures. I think I have found another hobby much to my husbands dismay;)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Mother Nature

Im sure alot of you will agree with me when I say that I hate the wind. It seems ike it has been really bad this year. I hope it passes soon. Well a crazy thing happened today while we were all inside enjoying our windy day of rest. The panels on the side of our house that make up the fence have blown down before, well one of them. Well today we lost I think four. One of the panels, when it fell had some pieces break off. We have our new truck in the garage and since thats monstrous thing takes up most of the space the car and Bobbys cop car got tossed to the curb (literally). Well our nieghbors noticed that the fence was blowing down again and called Bobby and told him he might want to move his car because it was directly in the path of the panels if they broke of and the wind caught them. He moved it to our driveway and not very long after had to stop another panel from hitting his car to where he had moved it. One more gust of wind and it would have taken out the whole passenger side of his car. Well our nieghbors came to borrow our ice cream maker and he asked if we had seen Bobbys car. I immediatley thought that the pannel had caught enough wind and smashed into the side. But one of those pieces that had broke off had caught enough wind and broke out the glass in the back passenger window. Crazy weather this wind. Hope it ends soon and with no more broken windows. Oh and sorry no picture, I wasnt about to take my new camera out in that nasty weather. Maybe tommorow.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

New Camera + Practice = New Pictures

Well the Last two weeks with my camera have been a lot of fun. Just waiting for an actual photo shoot to see what this baby can really do. CANT WAIT. so here are some of the pics i have taken over the past few weeks. Some are just for fun and others actually had a purpose. Enjoy!! Hopefully lots more where these came from soon. ps I have tried and tried to get the captions abve the pictures. Dont know what Im doing wrong sorry.

Masons First time on the slide. He loved It!!

Bobby doing a back a flip. By the way thats our
new truck in the back ground. I keep meaning
to post about it. We love it. Know anyone who
needs a good little family car?

Just a fun picture of the DP I was drinkng.
Maybe I will blow this one up and put it in
my kitchen. What do you think?

This camera is AWESOME at capturing movement.
My crazy Husband Popping birthday balloons with
a steak knife.

Another one

Practicing my Manual focus. I love
playing with the lens.

I didnt enhance the colors of this sunset at
all. it was so gorgeous I just had to take a pic

Rings from the wedding I took pictures at

The couple had a favor table for the guests and one
of the bowls was full of rock candy. Again LOVE
the Manual focus

My Favorite Picture of the whole night!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Just a little update

Well it hasnt been that long since I posted but ts seems we have been crazy busy. I know spring is here because it always seems like life gets busier when it gets warmer.
The day after I got my camera, I was the second shooter at a family friends wedding. It was so much fun though i felt so inadequate being that I had had my camera for less than 24 hrs. I welcomed the oppurtunity though and it was great to spend the evening with my parents kid free! That never happens. And youll just have to trust me when I say the bride was G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S because we dont have the correct card reader for my new camera so no pictures today sorry. Then the week following was just all the normal house wife, stay at home mommy stuff that would keep anyone busy. And then this last saturday we all went to another wedding for one of Bobbys co-workers. I didnt take my camera to this wedding. My camera is so monstrous now that its not something you can haul around and pretend to just be taking snap shots, and there was a possibility that I would end up left there with both kids and no hubby (bobby was still on duty) and the possibility happened. He missed the wedding but made it back for the reception. So I wasnt about to haul ll three around. Then later that afternoon Jarrin had been invited to a birthday party for one of his little girl friends. He hadnt had nap yet because the wedding was right during nap time but fell asleep on the way home from the church so he missed the Birthday cake presents and basically everything else but wanted to go over anyways after he woke up so he stayed for awhile and had a great time. Thanks Sandy and Isabelle. then we had an impromptu dinner with our good friends and nieghbors across the street. We had Tri tip to share And she had made some really good tortellini soup and homemade bread so we combinded it all and had a last minute dinner together. I wasnt so sure when we started building in this nieghborhood if I would like having nieghbors so close. But it has been so fun to have nieghbors that close. Our boys are only four months apart and get along so well and there have been many times we are both fixing dinner and are lacking an item to complete dinner and we can borrow it from eachother.
Sunday was a lazy day. I wasnt feeling well and so we all just stayed home for the day except that bobby had to go to work at two. Bobby had monday off so he went golfing with his his dad and brother and then met us later for lunch and then we took the boys to the park for awhile. Mason loved the slide and Jarrin loved playing catch with his dad. I think we will be spending many more days off there.
Yesterday was a crazy day. It started off by me trying to get the car cleaned up so we could sell it. (we have upgraded to a truck. More on that later.) i got it all vacumed out and was headed to get some soloution at bobbys moms house to get the sippy cup stains out. I had only been there two minutes when bobby pulls into hr drive way. i knew something was wrong because Mason was asleep when I left and he would have just called if he needed something so my heart skipped a beat. Jarrin had been playing at the nieghbors and they were playing in her car. She came outside and asked them to get out of the car. As Jarrin was getting out, he shut his finger in the door. She immediatly brought him to Bobby. She offered to keep an eye on Mason so that he could bring him to me. He thought that Jarrin had broken it. His poor little finger looked horrible when I saw it. Bobby said it looked ten times worse just minutes before. It was smashed flat to the bone when Bobby first saw it. He was able to bend it but I was afraid that it was still broken so we took him to the doctor just to be sure. It wasnt!!! I am not a queasy person, but when i saw his finger I started to get sick to my stomach. Jarrin has never been hurt worse than that. It made me hurt to know that he was hurting. Today it looks so much better. If you didnt know he had smashed it yesterday his finger wouldnt look any different to you. Well after that whole ordeal I still had some cleaning on the car to do and a dinner party to get ready for. The dinner went well and we had a great relaxing night after a hectic afternoon.
So lets hope that today is a much calmer and relaxing day with no incidents.

Friday, March 6, 2009

My new BABY!!

My sweet husband let me buy a new camera!! I have wanted this camera for awhile now (Nikon D300) I was sick to my stomach after I clicked the buy button but when the ups man pulled up today my heart was pounding in my chest. I was so excited and still am. It was love at first sight. Now its PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. So much to learn with this new camera. The technology is 20xs better than my old one. Thank you Babe for believeing in me enough to let me make this big of an investment! Love you!! Now its off to practice!! Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Birthday Cake And Gourmet Dinner (part 2)

When I was a little girl we would get to choose what we wanted to eat for our birthday dinner. So i decided that Jarrin was old enough to start that this year. I aked him a few days ago what he wanted and he just kept telling me cake. I would then reply AND? well this morning I asked him again and he said mac and cheese. We got the easy mac bowls about a week ago and thats all hes wanted to eat since then. So it was no suprise that even though he could have whatever he wanted he would choose Mac n Cheese. Even Mason had his own version of mac n cheese. Daddy missed out because sadly he had to work today, but he did make it home in time for cake and ice cream. And we all were lucky enough to get a picture with the celebrity birthday boy himself. Thanks for having a birthday today buddy boy so mommy had an excuse to eat cake and ice cream and not feel guilty. I love you so much little boy!! You make everyday brighter!! I love waking up to your smiling face in the morning when you come ask us to turn on cartoons for you. I love all the kisses and hugs you give me without asking. I love how great of a big brother you are, Mason adores you. I love that several times throughout the day you randomly tell me "I love you Mommy!" I love how much you look up to your daddy and want to be just like him. I love it when you come home from nursery and have to sing me the latest and greatest song you just learned. I love that the only letter of the alphabet you dont sing is the one that starts your own name. I love how happy you are to see me when I get home from somewhere even if I was only gone 10 mins. I love how you kiss and sing to Mason when he cries or is sad and how quick you are to say sorry and hug him if you hurt him. I love that you still ask me to hold you. I love your cheesy little grin. I love your Zest for life and I hope you never loose it. I love you Jarrin McKay Martin!! Happy Third Birthday!! (sorry Im too lame and lazy to flip my pictures)

Happy Birthday to a very special boy!! (picture overload sorry)

My little baby is 3 today!! I can hardly believe it! time has gone by so fast. He is such a joy in our lives and makes everyday so much fun. He is always saying and doing the funniest things. He loves spending time with his little brother and mommy and daddy. He is quite the little comedian and loves to make people laugh. We love this funny little boy. He is so smart and has known how to say his alphabet for awhile now. He Loves to count to ten and cant wait to start pre-school this year. He loves being outsie playing with his best friend Justin or following his daddy around. He loves riding his bike and is quite the little dare devil. I looked outside the other day and he was riding his bike down our nieghbors driveway by laying down on the seat on his tummy with his legs straight out behind him. I can still remember the day we brought our little Jarrin home from the hospital. He was so tiny. Now he is my big three year old. We love you Jarrin!! Hope you have a Great birthday Buddy Boy!!