Tuesday, April 28, 2009

NeW pHoToGrApHy BlOg

I decided to make a new photography blog. I wanted to keep photography seperate from my crafts and such. I just posted a sneek peek on my new blog from a newborn photoshoot I did on friday. You can get there the same way you got to the old one. Just click on the picture of the Adorable little girl in the tea cup.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Brothers and friends

It was oh so nice outside today so we hung out as a family for awhile. Mason has never had a ride on the four wheeler and Jarrin was a very nice brother to give him a ride and go very slow and make sure he was holding on tight. I love my two little men and the relationship they have. Mason loved his ride and we loved spending time together.

Custom order wood blocks for my friend....

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Masons Birthday

My little Mason is ONE!! Cant believe it. We celebrated his birthday just the four of us with some cake (well he was the only on e who had cake We all just watched him make a mess). It was a pretty quiet day spent at home just enjoying each other. He loved the chocolate cake although at first he wasnt quite sure if it was just to play in or to eat too. He figured it out though and loved it. Bobby was getting impatient though and decided he wasnt making enough of a mess so he stuck his face in it. Mason didnt mind one bit just started grabbing frosting and eating it off his face. Then on monday we had a family party with Bobbys family. My parents had to be somewhere and were greatly missed. So I made the fondant cake for that and another one for him to make a mess out of. We had a great time and he got way too many presents. We love you Mason and cant believe how fast you are growing.
(I started a post all about Mason on his birthday but it was so windy the computer wasnt working and kept kicking me off. So its still coming as soon as I get some time to finish it.)