Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas, My birthday, New Years oh and Thanksgiving too

My gorgeous sister in law and Mason
Skyler and Jarrin

Skyler Kassie and the kids
Jarrins new fav Game

The boys sawing logs after a late night

The fam still in our pjs Christmas night

Jarrin so happy he got Hungry Hippos Thanks aunt tot

Jarrin trying to open gifts with his new toy saw

my parents living room after jarrin got ahold of the gifts

apparently "Santa" would rather have mint oreos and a Dr. Pepper than Chocolate chip cookies and milk

The carrots were for the reindeer

I even talked Santa into leaving a note

Jarrin was Joseph at Bobbys grandmas in the Christmas story. He is feeding baby Jesus "num nums"


The boys in thier new pjs from

Grandma Kelly

I feel like we have been so busy since halloween, getting ready for everything else that comes after. We enjoyed spending alot of time with both of our families for all the holidays. Thanksgiving day was spent in the valley with my moms side of the family who we hardly ever get to see and the same day we got to go spend time with my dads side of the family as well who we dont see too often either. We had to come home thursday night so that Bobby could work the next day at 6am. Then Saturday was spent with his family having a late Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone else including us were going to be gone thursday so they postponed dinner until saturday and it worked out perfect. We got to spend time with everyone without feeling guilty for not being with the other family. Christmas Eve we went and had an early dinner with my parents, My little brother Kyle, and the Texans aka Skyler and Kassie. It was so great to see them. We only get to see them once a year and we sure do miss them. After dinner we headed over to Bobbys grandmas house for the annual Christmas Eve dinner and night of games gifts and lots of food. It was great to see Sandy and her kids who we also only get to see at Christmas. We headed home around 1am with full bellies, tired kids, sore stomaches from laughing soo much and things to complete before santa could come. Christmas morning we woke up in our new house and opened presents with the kids. The first time that has happened in our five Christmases together. Jarrin was so excited that santa had come and brought him the things he asked for for himself and "his Mason". We then headed to my parents for the tradition of Dad making Christmas breakfast and opened gifts from all of them. We hung out for awhile and then it was over to Bobbys parents house to open gifts from them and to eat lunch. After lunch we hung out for awhile and then all four of us came back home to take a much needed nap. Then it was back to Bobbys parents house to pick up our gifts we had left there and to say goodbye to his cousins. We then went back to my parents house for a few more hours to spend some more time with Skyler and Kassie before they headed over to her families festivities. So it was alot of back and forth but it was a great two days and we loved spending time with family. Jarrin was so fun this year. We wrote a letter to Santa. Santa wrote two letters back. We saw santa twice and watched the grinch a million times. Mason just wanted all the wrapping paper, he wasnt very interested in anything else.

My birthday was New Years Eve. I turned the big two-three. I know Im old. We went to lunch with some of Bobbys family at evas and then our friends the sipes had a birthday party just for me, not really but I like to think so. We got to hang out with great friends, make some new ones. There was way too much good food and we played the newly wed game which consisted of lots of laughs, revealing secrets, gasps, and almost a few divorces. Bobby and I won one of the rounds. It was a fun night all except for Jarrin falling out of one of the chairs and smacking his head on the hard wood floor at 10 mins before midnight and then throwing up right at midnight from crying so hard. 2008 was a GREAT year with lots of changes and new things. Bring it on 2009! Hope you all had a great Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Baby Kiss

Mason was making the silliest faces the other night and everytime he would make the "KISS" face Bobby and I would laugh so hard that we were crying. He loved the attention and just kept doing it to make us laugh. I cant believe how long his tongue is.

Do I look pretty like you Mama?!

I came back the other day from running some errands to Jarrin with some mysterious back smudges on his eye. Bobby said that Jarrin went in the bathroom to pee and was taking too long so he went in there to check on him and he was putting on my mascara. Guess we should have the talk again about makeup being for girls and maybe he shouldnt watch me anymore. So when I asked him his side of the story, he flashed me this giant grin and asked, "Do I look pretty like you Mama?" He actually did manage to get some on his already dark and gorgeous eyelashes. Silly Boy Makeup is for girls!!

Dancing Mason

Sorry this is sideways, Im not sure how to flip it. This is Mason dancing. He doesnt really dance til the very end so keep watching.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Mason is 9 months old

My little boy is only three months away from turning one! Time goes by so fast. He has so many new and cute faces he makes at us on a daily basis. He loves to wrestle with Jarrin and thinks he is such a big boy when Jarrin pretends to fall over.He loves to dance and sing (bounce and yell). He has been crawling for awhile now and pulling himself up to furniture and walking along it. He will probably be walking before he is ten months old. He loves food and will give you his best and cutest smile ever so you will share with him. He has had six teeth for awhile( I know I am a slacker with the blog thing, holiday updates coming soon) four ontop and two on the bottom soon to be four. He is such a fun little boy to be around. He is starting to look like a little boy and not a baby anymore. We love this silly little boy who makes us laugh everyday.

Jarrin left a cookie out and Mason
found it. And it just happened to be
his favorite, OREO!!