Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Not sure how good I will be at keeping this blog updated, we have alot of things going on in our lives right now but I guess that will give me things to blog about. So I figured now is as good a time as any to start the Martin family blog.

Well for starters we are back in good ol Snowflake.Bobby completed the police accademy December 14th. There couldnt have been a happier wife that day... (Bobby had to stay on campus at the accademy during the week and was able to visit us on the weekends.) Bobby now works for the Snowflake/Taylor Police department. He loves his new job and we are happy to be back in Snowflake with family and friends.

We are living in an apartment in Taylor right now while we are building our first house. After all the moving around that Bobby and I have done since we have been married we are excited to finally settle down somwhere and have a place of our own. The house should be completed sometime in June. It has been fun to pick out and customize things to our liking. I cant wait to have my own house to paint and decorate.

Jarrin just turned two on the 4th. He is a busy and energetic little boy and so much fun to be around. He always keeps us laughing. He loves all things boy.... dirt, riding his new four wheeler, marbles (its a sure bet that you can find a few of them in his pocket) and wrestling with his dad. He talks quite a bit for his age and loves to be outside. We are so excited that with the new house there will be a back yard and a fence so that Jarrin can be outside and run around like little boys should.

We just completed the task of potty training Jarrin right before his second birthday and it couldnt have come at a better time because we are expecting another little boy april 11th. He thinks he wants to come early though. I have been having pre term labor for the last two weeks and have been put on bed rest to keep him from coming too early. Only two more days though and I will be 36 weeks so they will take me off bed rest and when he comes he comes. Jarrin is excited to be getting a little brother. He talks and asks about him all the time and is always kissing and hugging my belly. It will be fun to have two little boys so close together.

So as you can see between Bobby's new job, building our first house, chasing around a two year old and preparing for a new baby we have been staying pretty busy.