Sunday, July 27, 2008

Finally an UPDATE!!

Everyone keeps buggin me to update our blog and we have not had internet until now. Are you happy Amber and Allison? It's 3:20 in the morning and I'm updating my blog. Bobby is working and I cant sleep. lol Well we went camping with Bobby's family in june and had a blst fishing and just being out doors with our boys. I thought it wouldnt be very fun. Mason was only 11 weeks old. We had a blast though. we got back on a wednesday and moved into our house the following monday. Man it was a crazy couple of days!! We have been moved in for almost 5 weeks now and loving life. It's so nice to have that feeling of belonging somewhere and finally feeling settled after so long. Jarrin loves our new house and his new room. He is the official tour guide when someone comes over, weather they have seen it before or not he has to give the whole tour. It didnt take him long to adjust at all. We are at the end of a dead end street and he loves the fact that he can ride his little four wheeler around without Bobby and I yelling at him to get out of the road. In fact the other day we put Mason in the stroller and we all walked to Bobby's moms house, well except Jarrin, he rode his four wheeler.

Mason is now 4 months old. I cant believe how big he is getting. He is such a fun baby. He is so happy most of the time and always has a big grin for anyone who pays attention to him. He can rool over and is already doing the swimming thing. dont think it will be long before he starts army crawling. He tries to push up off the floor on his hands and feet. Both he and Jarrin have been teething lately so things have been a little cranky around here! lol But i think they are both just about done for now.

I just started a new job at the medical center in the billing office and I also work the walk in clinic at night. I dont have very many hours and most of the time Bobby is home with the boys. so its working out nice. I also just started selling scentsy wickless candles. ( if anyone wants to host a party let me know) so I am staying pretty busy taking care of our little family and all of the other fun stuff.

Bobby is almost done working the night shift and I couldnt be happier. I feel like we dont see eachother at all for the four days he works. But soon we will get to see him more and he wont be so tired all the time. He is loving his job, and has already had some pretty interesting stories to tell me when he gets home from work. well for now thats really all thats going on. Just staying busy with our little family and loving life. I will try and get on here more often so the updates arent so broad.