Thursday, October 30, 2008

TAG I'm it!!

My friend Marci tagged me......

8 things I am passionate about....
1. My handsome husband
2. My two cute boys
3. The gospel
4. Letting my family know how much I love them
5. Photography
6. Decorating
7. Scrapbooking
8. My family's happiness

8 words or phrases I use all the time
1. Are you kidding me? (picked this one up from Marci)
2. Go to your room (sad but true)
3. Sad
4. That's so funny
5. Be nice to your brother
6. I love you
7. What do you say?
8. Dont jump on the couch ( man I am a nagging mom) lol

8 things I want to do before I die
1. Go back to New Zealand with Bobby
2. Have lots of Grandkids
3. Live a long time
4. Go on a mission with my hubby
5. Raise righteous children
6. Be a professional Photographer
7. Be a professional Interior Designer
8. Build my dream home

8 things I want or need
1. For my husband to come home safe from work everyday
2. A giant Dr. Pepper with crushed ice from sonic
3. Money
4. To be skinny
5. Self confidence
6. A foot rub (my fave)
7. A bigger car
8. For these questions to only go to seven ( cant ever think of an eighth one)

8 places I would like to visit
1. New Zealand (again)
2. Australlia (again)
3. Hawaii (again)
4. England (Bobby's mission)
5. Texas (where my older brother lives)
6. New York
7. The Church Tour
8. Alaska

8 restraunts I love
1. Licanos
2. Olive garden
3. Red Lobster
4. Kabuki (a new found love)
5. Chilis (love the chips and salsa)
6. Subway
7. El Cupidos
8. Bahama Bucks

8 shows I like to watch
1. CSI (all of them)
2. Rate my space
3. HGTV in general
4. We watch alot of nick jr.
5. We watch alot of disney as well
6. Chick Flicks

8 people I tag
1. Cassie S.
2. Marti C.
3. Tiffany C.
4. Hallie T.
5. Evie T.
6. Megan C.
7. Allison H.
8. Jill Q.

Monday, October 20, 2008


We carved pumpkins a week ago I just havent posted them yet. We went to Bobby's cousin Brandon's house for his birthday and they had pumpkins there for all of us to carve. It was alot of fun. t Thanks Brandon and Frannie for the fun and the yummy food.

I think Mason is a little confused as to why he
is the one wearing the devil horns
Bobby carving his pumpkin

Daddy helping Jarrin get the "yucky" stuff out

I had scraped all the "yucky" stuff out and put
it back in there so it would come out when Jarrin
pulled on it. Well smart little guy that he is decided
to just dump it out.
Momma and Jarrins pumpkin

Daddys pumpkin

Sunday, October 19, 2008

New Blog!!

I finally got a blog for my Photography and crafts. The Website is I will be posting photography sessions and crafts on there. Thanks for looking and keep checking back for new things.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Baby Is 6 months old!!

I really can't believe my baby boy is six months old. I say that and yet sometimes it seems that this sweet little spirit has always been here. He is such a blessing to our family and I love him so much! He is now on the fast down slope to being one. Its crazy how fast time just flies by. You wait forever for them to get here and when they finally do, times goes so fast.
Things Mason can do or has accomplished at six months old:
~ He has two bottom teeth
~ He is a professional army crawler
~ He says Momma ( I know this sounds crazy but I have witnesses)
~ He can feed himself snacks
~ He loves to eat cheerios and fruit loops
~ He can roll over both ways
~ He likes to blow razberries with his tongue out
~ He is a giggle box
~ He has the cutest grin
~ He knows what you are saying when you ask for kisses and he will glady give you some
~ He sleeps through the night (has been for awhile, except when hes teething)
~ He can suck on both feet at the same time (very talented)
~ He can mimick the puppy when she has her tongue hanging out
~ He can hold his own bottle (amazingly he has done that since he was three months)

Mason we are so happy that you chose us to be your parents. We love watching you grow and
learn. Its so fun to watch you and Jarrin play together. Happy six months!! We love you Mason!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

A few teeth and some new haircuts!!

Needless to say things have been a little cranky around our house for a few days. Mason now has two teeth!! They are both on the bottom. The right one broke through on Saturday and the left one broke through Monday. I feel bad for the little guy, teething is no fun but I am just glad that something finally came of it this time. He has been through this many times and they always seem to go back down. He looks so cute with two bottom teeth. They are still trying to come up all the way so he is still cranky but we are coping. Jarrin is also teething at the same time (yeah I know lucky me) He is getting his three year old molars a little early. So things have been whiney and cranky since about thursday of last week. Bobby being the great husband that he is gave me a break yesterday and I got to go spend some girl time with my mom scrapbooking. Thank you honey!! You're the best. As the heading said the boys also got new haircuts. I have been wanting to do it for awhile but wanted to wait til after powell so thier heads wouldnt burn. So on monday we got out the clippers and finally did it. They both look so cute!! Jarrin looks like a completely different kid and Mason looks so grown up. I also got a haircut. (not with the clippers lol) Kristy cut my hair the weekend before powell. She cut quite a bit off. It was taking too long to style and I was always wearing it in a ponytail and when it was down it was Masons favorite thing to grab, so i chopped it off and I love it. Thanks again Kristy. Sorry no pics of my hair. I will try and post some later. So we are hanging in there and hopefully the cranky days will pass soon.

BEFORE He had a nice mohawk going on but thats all i could do with it.

AFTER He looks so grown up now= ( but very handsome!!
BEFORE Such a cute boy but it was time for a change.

DURING This picture cracks me up!! He could have a nice mullet! lol

AFTER Yes those are tears. Hes not mad that his hair is gone. He was mad his sucker had hair on it and that he had to sit there and be still for so long. (sorry im being lazy and not flipping pictures. When his hair is short like this the first thing you notice are his stunning blue eyes and long eyelashes. I love my little mans eyes. Just like his dads.

Okay they are kinda hard to see but they are there look closely.

Lake Powell

Ok well I havent posted in awhile so i am goging to do several posts to catch up. the middle of last month, our family went to Lake Powell with my parents and some friends for five days. It was nice to get away for awhile and enjoy life. We rented a house boat and a speed boat and our friends brought another speed boat. There was alot of skiing going on and some tube riding. In fact one of the last days we were there some of the group had to go home a day early. we were all sitting around eating breakfast when my dad bet olivia lewis, (who is a great skiier for those of you who dont know her) that she couldnt ski from the camp site to the dock. the other guys got in on the bet which started out as a joke at first. Well Olivia is very athletic and she made it back to the dock. A total of about 16 miles. they told her she was aloud to wreck twice but she didnt even wreck once. What a TROOPER! You are amazing Olivia. Well we had alot of fun and cant wait to go back next year. thanks for making it fun all of you who were there and those of you that couldnt be there we really missed you and hope you will come next year. Sorry for the overload of pictures=) Q ball as Jarrin calls him was so good to Jarrin and loved holding Mason
Bobby had the biggest purple welt on his stomach after going off the slide like this.

Jarrin finding one of many sea shells

My handsome little boy slathered in sun screen enjoying the water

My dads awesome beach attire
My dad with his long skinny white legs skiing. And you all thought he was just a cowboy.

Daddy's little flag boy

Bobby skiing like a pro. He had never been and He got up right away
No surprises there

Dan on the knee board

My dad and kent in the tube. They were sceaming like a bunch of little girls. They were catching some good air too. Don't have a picture for this story but Bobby took my mom and dad out in the tube, he was driving the boat. He started crossing back over thier wake and he said the tube flew in the air about five feet and my mom flew in the air another three feet above that and landed back in the tube. when he got back i asked how it was and he said i almost killed your mom. He was a little shook up. she thought it was fun and wanted to go again. wish I had been there with the camera.
Bobby caught the biggest fish there. lol No he really did have a pretty big fish. he hollared at me and as i jumped up camera in hand to get the pic the dang fish came off the hook fell onto the back of the house boat and jumped back into the water. I was so bummed. It was a pretty big fish. True story. We have witnesses. ( sorry i am to lazy to flip the pic)
Jarrin had fun playing with the sparklers. He even got a little brave and started doing circles with it.
Fireworks were frowned upon but our good friend Dan, whose last name shall remain anonymous provided us with a fireworks show! Thanks for sharing with us .
Jarrin enjoying the good life on the boat ride back in to the dock.

The nasty carp fish eating our left over pringles. They were at the dock where we were re-fueling the boat. I swear these fish would eat anything.