Thursday, August 28, 2008

Yummy Summer Treats!!

We went grocery shopping today and bought some yummy fruit.The pediatrcian said Mason could start eating fruits and veggies. Do you think this is what he had in mind? Mason just kept eyeing our watermelon while I was cutting it up so this was the end result. Mom gave in. It made for some pretty cute pictures and he really enjoyed sucking the juice out of it and his bath he had to have afterwards:)

Jarrin enjoyed the watermelon too, even though I made him eat it over the garbage can so he wouldnt get the floor sticky.

My sweet, silly, goofy little boy

Yesterday I asked Jarrin if he wanted to go see Gigi and he said to me, "Yeah, she's so pretty." So I told him back, "Jarrin youre so nice." And he says, "Momma youre so cute, oh and Mason is cute too." As he is saying this he had the cheesiest cutest grin on his little face.
I was getting ready to go run some errands today and I came out of our bathroom all ready to go, make up done hair done feeling pretty cute with my new jewelry on and Jarrin the sweet little boy that he is says to me, " Mamma you're so pretty." It almost made me cry. Not sure where he learned it from but some days that little boy just knows how to melt my heart. So he is into saying everything is cute or pretty now. He will even tell me that my crafts or scrapbook pages are cute. I don't mind though, Hes getting major brownie points in my book.
Yesterday we were hanging out at my parents house and Jarrin was sitting on my dads lap and he says to Jarrin, " What three words does Papa like to hear? Tell me three words Jarrin."
Jarrin to Papa, "Three words." (He was supposed to say I love you.) Such a funny little boy. So thats their new thing now, " Three Words."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My little boys!!

I love how much Jarrin loves his little brother and cares for him. And I am pretty sure Mason loves him just as much. I hope they always love eachother this much.

On another note Mason is already tring to crawl. He gets his little stink bug bum up in the air and runs his forehead along on the floor. He hasn't quite figured out how to use his arms but once he does it wont be long. He actually got up on his hands and knees yesterday and was rocking back and forth. He is only 4 and a half months old and I thought Jarrin did everything too fast. They just keep getting faster and faster. I tried to get a picture of him in the act but of coarse he wouldn't do it. Little stinker!

All About Jarrin

Meaning behind his name: Jarrin Mckay Martin

Bobby and I had his name picked out long before we were married. Bobby picked Jarrin and I picked Mckay.

Age: 2 1/2

Birthdate: March 4th

Nicknames: Bug-a-boo, J- mac, or monkey

Favorite activities: Wrestling with Dadda, going golfing with his Dadda, cooking with mamma, riding his power wheels four wheeler, playing in the water, just being outside and riding his horse at Papa's.

Favorite Food: PIZZA, tomatoes, pretty much all of the veggies

Least favorite food: He doesnt have one, he will try everything at least once

Favorite music: Anything with a good beat he can dance to and primary songs

Favorite toys: He has a room full of toys and loves them all

Favorite book: Whatever one of us will read to him, or books with puppies

Favorite item of clothing: he loves his snow mittens (he pretends they are his golf glubes)

What makes him happy: spending time with Dadda

What makes me sad: Getting told no

We tag Brittney Packer and Jace Chlarson

Friday, August 15, 2008

My Husband is sooooo AMAZING!!

Ok so I'm sorry if it seems like I have been bragging on my husband alot but I cant help it. I started working at the Medical Center about three weeks ago, I havent been working very many hours. But I have been working on all three of Bobby's days off and between Scentsy, Avon, photography, the billing job and just being a mom and wife I have been a little stressed and tired. Bobby could tell that I was feelinga little overwhelmed so he offered to put in more hours at the PD so I could stay home and be a mom. What a sweet Husband!! He is such a hard worker and I am thankful he belongs to me. The Lord has blessed me emensley with the husband and two boys he has sent me. Some days I dont feel I deserve them. Bobby keeps saying its no big deal, its only a couple of hours more. But I cant explain how happy it makes me to be able to stay home with the boys and be a mom. Thank you Babe! I Love You!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

7 Years ago today!!

7 Years ago today Bobby and I had our first date and our first kiss! Its so crazy how fast time goes by. We were young teenage kids madly in love and now we are old farts with 2 kids a house and a dog living the American Dream!! Just thought Id let my honey know how much I love him.

I am so thankful for you babe and the hard worker you are. You are such a Great husband and father. I couldnt ask for a better man to be married to. I am so thankful for everyday that I get to wake up to you next to me. I hope you know how much I love you!! Thanks for the fantastic 4 years of marriage. I can't wait for many more years to come. Thanks for being there and supporting the kids and I. I love you!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Jarrin's version:

Twinkle star
What you are?
Way up high
Dinasar (Dinosaur) in the sky.

I have sung this one to him since he was a baby but he just barely started singing it back to me.

One day after we came home from church Jarrin kept singing "Popcorn in my eyes." i asked what he was singing and he said popcorn pauing way ober der ober der. he was pointing to the trees on the side of our house. He had just learned popcorn popping on the apricot tree. He makes me laugh. Last sunday he justlearned the clean up song or just started singing it. He now sings rain rain go away. I love my little guy. He loves to sing "twinkle star" to Mason if he starts crying. What a sweet big brother.