Thursday, March 18, 2010

A long overdue update.....

So i have ben a total slacker keeping up with our blog. Hopefully it gets better not worse with the arrival of a new baby. Just so i dont miss anything, ill start with Christmas. (yes i know its the middle of march)

- Deccember was a pretty busy month for our little family. Were able to spend time with both families and got the annual year awaited visit from my brother Skyler and his wife Kassie. (Who are expecting thier own bundle of joy the end of May we cant wait to find out what theyre having!!)
Bobby mason and I spent Christmas evening in the ER. Mason had been coughing for a few days and it took a turn for the worst Christmas day. He couldnt catch his breath and was weezing. So we decided to take him in. Turned out he had Pnemonia. They released him that night with antibiotics and he was over it in a week. I turned a year older the last day of December which stinks but hey it part of life.Photobucket

- January was a busy month full of doctors visits and another trip to the er.(this time for Bobby) He had a stubborn kidney stone that wouldnt pass and required scans and doctor appt to decide what to do about it. It was still a passible size but was not going anywhere and causing him alot of pain. He couldnt go to work on pain meds but the pain was so bad that he couldnt function without the pain meds. So he was stuck at home for about 3 weeks waiting for the stinking thing to pass.
We took the boys to Monster Truck Ralley for the second year in a row. I think its become a tradition. Its still a topic of conversation with Jarrin about every other day.

-February brought another year older for Bobby and kidney stone surgery on his birthday. Some would say thats not the best gift but by this point he had dealt with it for about 3 weeks and just wanted it gone. He had to be put under for the proceedure and we spent the day in the hospital waiting for his proceedure. They were able to break it up with a laser and he was realeased that night.
I took wedding pictures the following weekend in the valley and had a great time doing it. It was a busy weekend but so much fun. The rest of our month was spent just getting thing around the house done.
Bobby and I started a building project together. (our living room entertainment center.) I love it. He came up with the base plan and I put the designer details into it. We make a great team. He did all the building. I wish I could have been more a part of that process but being 33 weeks pregnant and about to go on bed rest didnt permitt me to help much.Photobucket
My totally AWESOME friends, Marcie and Cassie threw a baby shower for me at the end of February. We have all the big stuff from having the boys, but we were lacking in the girl clothing department. It was so fun to open PINK stuff. Thanks Marcie and Cassie. Youre the best!! And thanks to all who came and gave gifts. I feel so much more ready now.

-March- Bobby started the construction process for the play set we bought the boys for thier birthdays. He thought it would take him at least two days doing it by himself but being the handy man that he is, it took him less than ten hours start to finish. Its so nice having a hubby who likes to build stuff and whos Awesome at it too. (hes been building shelves in all our bedroom closets. I LOVE the extra storage)
March 4th my not so little man Jarrin turned 4. I cant believe that he is that old already. Seems like just yesterday he was the one in my belly waiting to come out and join our family. we love him so much and cant imagine our lives without him. He makes us all laugh and smile everyday.Photobucket
I went on bed rest the day after his birthday, at 34 weeks to try and keep this little girl in here til at least 37 weeks.I went into pre term labor with both boys and had to go on bed rest with Mason. So they put me on bed rest to be safe and let her gain more wieght. I have still been having some contractions but nothing too serious. One more week and she can come whenever she wants. And I cant WAIT!!!

So thats what we have been up to in a nut shell. We have been staying pretty busy and anticipating the arrival of a new family member. I will try to do better about keeping up with our blog. I need to be better about posting the cute little things the boys do too, not just the highlights for each month.
Speaking of cute little things, this is a picture of Mason I just had to add. Its his first time in time out. He knew right where to go after watching his brother be put there several times. He cried for about a minute then sat there quietly with his arms folded til he was told to go say sorry to Jarrin for biting him.
This is just a cute picture of the way you can usually find Mason day to day. No pants because he takes them off. Some sort of hat on and at least one shoe. He steals shoes from all of us and wears them around all day.


jack+alli said...

i've been updating back into last spring, so i'd say you're doing great :)
hopefully i'll get to meet this little girl soon after she comes, and meet mason for the first time!

Molly Scarbrough said...

oh my goodness your boys are so cute.

Brette said...

can i just say that picture of your little mason sitting in the corner is the cutest, yet saddest picture ever!! can't wait to meet your little girl!

Nic and Jessica Despain Family said...

Hey Becca I heard you had her!! Hope all is well! We love you guys and need to get together soon!